Bart Top was born on 20-12-1955 in Nunspeet, and he lives in Amsterdam since 1975.

He studied General Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam with specialisation semantics and textanalysis. He became j ournalist in 1984, and s pecialised on multicultural journalism, portrayal, the relation between media and minorities.

1984- 1991 Coördinator of the monthly anti-racist magazine Afdruk
1989-1994 journalist at the weekly Nieuwsblad Migranten
1994-1999, 2005 Editor-in-chief of multicultural weekly Contrast.

From 2000 -2003 he was coordinator of the Working Group Migrants & Media of the Dutch Federation of Journalist. And since 1994 he participated in international projects around media and minorities. Contributions to international conferences in Brussels , London , Solingen , Helsinki , Stockholm , Vienna , Mantova, Bilbao and Amsterdam .

He published articles in books like Media and Minorities (Sdu); and Moslims, the Anger and the West (Bulaaq); Art in movement, Culture and Migration (Sdu).
Recently he published the book: Religion and tolerance, 10 interviews with leading Dutch opinionmakers about the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech. (Ten Have)

Bart Top gives also advises and workshops in the field of culture and diversity (Dutch Council of Culture)

Since 2000 he is director of his own dynamic office for projects on media, culture and diversity.

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